The 5 Biggest Mistakes Calligraphy Beginners Make

Have you been learning calligraphy but a bit frustrated that you're not progressing as you'd like?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Especially if you're new to calligraphy, it takes time to get better at your skills.

As someone who has taken the journey from hobbyist to a full-time pro in Modern Calligraphy, I've made mistakes along the way so I'd like to share with you my biggest lessons.

These lessons will assist in helping to fast-track your success with Modern Calligraphy, the way I've done it for myself and how I've helped many of my students as well.

Mistake #1: Information Overload

Most beginners think that calligraphy is something you can learn quite easily by browsing through online tutorials and 'teaching yourself'.

But for most new calligraphers (and anyone trying to learn a new skill), this process can take A LOT of time. And if you live a very busy lifestyle, you're going to do a lot of work to find the right information and training.

Too much effort and slow results are one of the reasons many new calligraphers give up.

Mistake #2: Lack Of Constructive Feedback

You might enjoy learning on your own and quite good at being self-taught.

You probably don't mind spending time on YouTube and gathering information to get better at calligraphy.

Perhaps the idea of learning calligraphy is a small interest right now.

But if you put your head in the sand and don't look for someone to give you the right feedback on how you're progressing (eg. Having a mentor or being part of a community), you might not realise if you're actually doing calligraphy correctly.

Only asking for feedback from your friend or partner and receiving, "Umm yeah, that looks good..." instead of an expert or a calligraphy enthusiast with a better eye for detail can also hinder your success.

Secondly, you can easily fall into the trap of getting used to performing the key fundamentals incorrectly as well!

And thirdly, you only know what you know. Which means without feedback, you'll have a smaller chance of uncovering your true potential, how you can grow and learning the bigger benefits of calligraphy.

Mistake #3: Doing It Alone

Many new calligraphers give up simply because pursuing their passion feels like a lonely journey.

I like being on my own in a studio but I didn't realise later on how fun and enjoyable calligraphy can actually be when you have the support of like-minded people who are on a similar journey as you.

I encourage you not to spend all your time behind a computer learning calligraphy - find a community who can inspire you and you can learn from along the way.

It will also open your eyes to the many opportunities that this beautiful art can bring. Especially if you want to learn how to monetise your passion, learning from others who have done it is the best way forward.

Also, finding an accountability partner like a mentor is one of the best ways to fast track your success because the worst person to hold you you. Being your own boss can lead to procrastination and before you know it, you've lost passion for calligraphy so find someone to keep you on track.

Mistake #4: Aiming For Style

When you're early on in your journey, it's important to have patience. Many new calligraphers want to have their own 'style' straight away and when they don't think they have something that is different to other calligraphers, it negatively affects their motivation.

Finding your style naturally takes time and experience. It requires a lot of self-exploration to realise what makes you unique.

There are also experts out there who can teach you how to uncover your own style so don't forget to reach out as well.

Mistake #5: Comparisonitis

I've seen many calligraphers lose hope and motivation because they keep comparing themselves to others. Not only the beginners but even more experienced calligraphers fall into this trap.

I sure have. 

But I learned how important it is to appreciate my own journey and make the most of my time by focusing on what I need to do to get better at my craft.

Here's a tip: It's okay to compare your work - but never compare your self-worth.


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