How To Make Money From Modern Calligraphy

Turning a passion into profit is not as hard as a lot of people think.

This is why "following your passion" is reversed when you're thinking about having clients or running a business.

In this case, start putting your focus on "following other people's passions".

When I first began to profit from my passion in Modern Calligraphy, I asked myself,

  • "What do people want?"

  • "What would they buy and why?"

  • "How can I offer something valuable to them in exchange for their money?"

The first thing is to be of value.

To do this, you need to have the right skills.

Building your skills takes time, but if you invest in the right program, you will be able to fast-track your success.

Most aspiring calligraphers struggle to make money simply because they didn't invest in themselves to learn properly.

Second is to find your niche.

Start to figure out who is your ideal client - What are their pain points? What are their interests and desires? How old are they? Where do they spend their time?

I work with busy women, not just calligraphy enthusiasts but also mums, teachers and professionals who are finding it hard to give themselves 'me-time', want to explore their creative potential through Modern Calligraphy and escape the noise through mindfulness practice.

Third is to craft your offer.

Realise that people take an interest in buying from you if you have a solution to their problem.

What product or service will help solve their problems?

Here are some examples of products/services:

  • Running workshops

  • White-labelling your service to other business owners

  • Creating an online course or member's program

  • Partnering with other brands

  • On-site calligraphy at special occasions or events

  • 1:1 coaching or teach a friend

  • Opening an online store of calligraphy designed products

  • Working for someone else's business as their calligraphy artist

  • Sell greetings cards, personalised gifts, framed quotes

  • Design for wedding invites and marriage certifications

Fourth is marketing.

Once you have your offer, then you need to get it out there!

If no one knows what you do, then who's going to buy?

You can create an Instagram page, a website...

But the most important thing to ask yourself is how will I guide someone along their customer journey?

Think about what happens when they first see your content on social media.

Where will they go from there?

In other words, start building out your marketing funnel.

One of the best ways I'm able to bring in clients is through landing pages, not a website.

A website is ideal of you have an online store or a members program.

But if you're running workshops, create a landing page.

And don't forget about building trust through video because people want to see and know the person behind the name.

Make sure your brand elements are in place like your logo, brand colours, font style, etc. Once you have all those, focus on sales!

Start building your network.

Build your mailing list.

Run some ads.

Get people excited about what you do.

Building momentum takes time but if you start now, you will be much closer.

My first workshop happened in only a few months after I started calligraphy.

I had only 3 people turn up.

But eventually it grew where I was selling out each workshop.

I even had over 30 people turn up.

It took me 3 years to take my calligraphy full-time.

Be patient.

Stop worrying about finishing and just start.

Don't compare yourself.

If you're also wondering, how much money you make IS UP TO YOU.

...Now, have you covered the first step:
Be of value???

Remember, the way to do that is to have the right skills.

Why don't you check out Kimmunity and find out how.


You can start from as low as $95!

See you there!