Which Type Of Calligraphy Artist Are You?

After the many years of teaching calligraphy,

I've learned that there are 3 types of calligraphy artist.

Calligraphy Artist Type 1:

Calligraphy has sparked your interest.

You live a very busy life and you like the idea of taking some time-out to explore your creativity through a unique art like calligraphy. 

You decide to attend a live, in-person workshop for a mindful and creative experience.

After the workshop, you might pick up the penholder every now and then but much rather focus your skills elsewhere.

Calligraphy Artist Type 2:

Calligraphy is an interest and passion.

You watch YouTube videos to better your skills and even decide to do attend an in-person workshop.

However, you're not sure if calligraphy is 'your thing' in the long run so you're happy to keep teaching yourself and hopefully see if it can take you further.

The biggest struggle for you is just to make time for calligraphy so the passion eventually dies out until you decide it's time to rekindle the flame.

Calligraphy Artist Type 3:

Calligraphy is more than just an interest and passion.

It's something you really want to pursue in the long-run and you can see yourself making profit from it, or perhaps just taking it as far as you can.

You realise that you cannot uncover your true potential unless you have the right support so that you keep going and don't give up.

You won't settle for calligraphy as just a hobby - you're determined to make it further.

So...which one are you? 


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