'All The Basics' Modern Calligraphy Kit

Congratulations! You now have your 'All The Basics' Calligraphy Kit!

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Get to know your 'ALL THE BASICS' Modern Calligraphy kit:

Mindful Modern Calligraphy' Workbook - Information, instructions and worksheets (fundamental strokes, alphabet, practice words + guidelines. 3 ways you can use your workbook: 

  • Practice directly on the workbook 
  • Put a sheet of practice paper over the top and trace
  • Use the worksheets as a reference and freehand on your practice papers.
Moblique Penholder - This is the tool that holds the nib. Please refer to the videos to learn how to set up and hold your penholder correctly.

Nibs (Nikko-G + Blanzy 2552) - Nibs are what will create your calligraphy. Start with the Nikko-G and once you are more confident try the Blanzy 2552.

Jar of Sumi Ink (50ml) - A beautiful and cost-efficient ink made from the soot of tree branches.

Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels - Eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to single-use paper towels, 1 towel can be reused up to 100 times. To clean simply rinse with water and let air dry. Can be used moist or dry. 

Breathe Manta Water Jar - Perfect to use as your nib water bath to clean your nib as you practice. This jar also doubles as a reminder to ‘Breathe’ during your practice.

Practice Paper - Contains the top 3 paper types that Kim recommends:
  • Lazer/Digital Printing Paper
  • Rhodia Dot Grid Paper
  • Peterkin Cardstock
Reflection Portfolio Folder - A great way to both keep track of your creations and to reflect back on the progress you have made.

'Kimlligraphy' Organic 'Rest' Teabags - A herbal tea blend to help calm your mind + body and to get you into the mood for calligraphy.

Hand Rolled Incense - With a beautiful sweet earthy scent, these incense will help to cleanse and set the mood for your zen zone along with helping you set your creative intension and relax your mind. 

'Silk & Soleil' Mini Handmade Soap Pillar - To help clean inky fingers and hands, you'll love the lingering scent of vanilla buttercream.

Personalized Storage Box - Handy storage box to keep all your calligraphy supplies in one spot, makes setting up and tidying more convenient. 

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