Kim, Daniella and Davy on live radio discussing self-care, mindfulness, modern calligraphy, women in business, dancing tea, their upcoming workshops, etc.
Kim and Daniella from Amity Created live on 89.3FM with Davy Nguyen sharing a very powerful message to all the busy mums and individuals out there.

Kim and Daniella with Kat Millar talking all things business, mindset, self-care and juggling loads of balls!

Chapters: 02:02 Why monetise your passions? 03:49 Why is failure important for success? 05:49 How do I overcome criticisms? 06:36 How do I overcome feeling overwhelmed? 08:11 Are running events important? 09:42 What if no one comes to my event? 10:31 How can I manage my time better? 12:12 Social media tip 1: Plann app 14:48 Social media tip 2: Clipomatic app 15:04 How do I cope when business gets hard?