Mindful Creatives Ep 003: Mindful Floatation with Michael Musallam

Imagine floating...naked on water...in deep relaxation...

Releasing musculoskeletal tension, stress and anxiety...

And even enhance creativity. Then have you heard of the mindful experience of floatation therapy?

Check out this new episode of 'Mindful Creatives'!

In this episode, Kim talks to Michael Musallam, founder of @Horizen Floatation about the mindfulness benefits of floatation therapy where you can experience a deep form of relaxation and enter the theta brain wave.

Michael's mission is to bring floatation therapy to the world as he believes it has the power to change the world for the better.

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05:25 Who floatation therapy is for
05:45 Float environment meditation
06:35 How floatation therapy works
07:25 Benefits of floating
09:50 What is mindfulness?
11:00 Why mindfulness is important
15:30 Applying mindfulness in creative situations
17:00 Cleansing and float

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