Mindful Creatives Ep 004: Mindful Self-Care with Daniella Elias

If self-care is something you’ve neglected for a while and you’ve focused on looking after everyone else but yourself, this episode is for you.

In this episode, Kim chats with Daniella Elias about the importance of giving ourselves permission to pause and allowing ourselves the space to re-balance.

As the founder of Amity Created, a self-care brand for women, Daniella believes that self-care is absolutely necessary and that magic is a warm cup of tea and a few quiet, mindful moments.

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01:24 Daniella’s journey into self-care
03:27 The benefits of mindfulness tea
04:38 Daniella’s definition of mindfulness
06:51 Why mindfulness is so important
08:43 How mindfulness plays a role in life and creativity
10:37 Daniella’s advise to live more mindfully
12:08 The inspiration behind the Amity Created self-care mug collections
16:55 Being present in the creative process
18:33 The Soul workshop with Kim
20:53 Why self-care is important when life is filled with pressure, guilt and distraction

"Mindful Creatives" the podcast is where I interview successful individuals who use Mindfulness to bring well-being into their lives and inspire their creative work.

If you live a very busy life, if you feel like you’re always looking after everyone else other than yourself, if you struggle getting into your creative flow…

Then check out the episodes for some fun conversations with real people who have relatable stories and valuable tips to help you be more present, at peace and inspired to create.

Produced by Mark D. Flores @ Studio 2166, Whitlam Library, Cabramatta

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