Mindful Creatives Ep 005: Mindful Painting with Clara Berta

Every now and then, we face creative blocks and the challenge of escaping the 'noise'.

This is where mindfulness practice can be very beneficial in our daily lives.

In this episode, join Kim as she chats with international award-winning painter, Clara Berta from BertaArt Studio Gallery in Los Angeles.

Clara shares her story about losing her husband and how she has found mindfulness through her contemporary and minimalistic artworks.

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01:00 About Clara Berta
02:24 The inspiration behind Berta Art Studio
03:47 Getting in the creative zone
10:40 The benefits of mindfulness
13:23 How to apply mindfulness in art
13:57 Overcoming creative blocks with mindful thinking
15:07 Clara’s tip for mindfulness practice
16:35 Being alone and escaping the noise
18:33 Creating a mindfulness environment

"Mindful Creatives" the podcast is where I interview successful individuals who use Mindfulness to bring well-being into their lives and inspire their creative work.

If you live a very busy life, if you feel like you’re always looking after everyone else other than yourself, if you struggle getting into your creative flow…

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Produced by Mark D. Flores @ Studio 2166, Whitlam Library, Cabramatta

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